Thursday, January 27, 2022

115th branch of Civil Bank in Mahendranagar

Mahendranagar: Going ahead with the slogan “Civil Bank for Prosperity”, Civil Bank has opened its 115th branch in Mahendranagar of Kanchanpur district. The branch was inaugurated by Surendra Bist, Mayor of Bheemdatt Municipality. The number of participants in the inauguration ceremony was reduced in view of the recent outbreak of the corona epidemic.

Inaugurating the branch, Mayor Bist said that the branch would help in increasing the financial access in Mahendranagar as well as raising the financial standard.

He thanked the bank for promoting a conducive environment for business expansion and job creation and urged the people of the area to take loans from the bank for the required capital to expand their business and deposit to earn interest on the small capital they have.

Head of Deposit and Transaction Banking of Civil Bank, Bhola Bahadur Bist, said that the bank was a traveler of economic prosperity and that would not be possible without the participation of banks.

He also appealed to take advantage of the 115 branches spread across Nepal from East Mechi to West Mahakali that are committed to providing quality services and Civil Bank has been offering higher interest rates than the market rate in the current situation.

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