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7-year-old Rory lifts 80 kg, became the under-11 and under-13 youth champion in America

Rory van, who lives in Canada, is just 7 years old. Looks like normal girls. Food and drink is also normal, but through hard work and training, she has transformed herself into the strongest girl in the world. Recently she has become the USA Under-11 and Under-13 Youth National Champion of weightlifting. She is the youngest National Champion in American history. How Rory is doing all this at such a young age. Read special conversation …

Big success with small goals

I have been weightlifting since I was five. I made a deal with my father that whenever I start lifting the available weight, he will give me new dumbbells and barbells. Every day I try to increase my capacity. 20–20 grams of weight would have been a great achievement. By the time I was 6, I started lifting three times my body weight.

Whatever you want to eat, just be active

Pizza is my favorite. I eat a lot of chocolate. Just keep in mind that I keep getting the necessary protein. Because I am growing fast. I do not need any control over the diet. I practice weightlifting 4 hours a week, 9 hours gymnast.

Impressed by India’s weightlifter Meena Kumari

  • I saw Christina Pope, the weightlifter of Team USA on YouTube. After this, I became fond of weightlifting. They are my inspiration. I am the only athlete in my family. My parents also do not play any sports, my brother is fond of music. At Strength Sports, I am very impressed with India’s weightlifter Meena Kumari.
  • I am currently preparing for the 2021 USA Weightlifting Youth National. I will start powerlifting when I am eight years old. If schools are closed now, I can give more time to sports. By the way, even when school started, I used to do homework on my journey to practice.

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