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9 books selected for Madan Award – 2077

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9 books have been shortlisted for this year’s Madan Award. The Madan Award Guthi has stated that 9 books out of a total of 222 books have been selected for the ‘Madan Award-2077’. ‘The committee formed to prepare a list of at most 10 books had provided the names of 9 books to the Guthi.

The 9 shortlisted books are: 

  • Giri Shree Magar’s Eklavyako Debre Haat.
  • Krishna Aviral’s Kariya.
  • Kumar Nagarkoti’s Kalpa Granth.
  • Bhairav ​​Bahadur Thapa’s Nirtyaxar Bigyan.
  • Prava Baral’s Filingo.
  • Lekhnath Chettri’s Fulangge.
  • Keshav Dahal’s Mokshya Bhoomi.
  • Jason Kunwar’s Ramite.
  • Bhagiraj Ingnam’s Limbuwanko Etihasik Dastawej Sangraha.

“According to the rules of the Guthi, books with a predominance of unpublished material were used as a basis for selection,” the Guthi said in a statement. One of these selected books will receive the Madan Award for the year 2077 as the best book.