Thursday, March 23, 2023

Beach volleyball competition and cultural festival to be held in Chisapani

Mahendranagar: A beach volleyball tournament and cultural festival 2077 is scheduled to be held in Chisapani, Kailali to promote tourism.

Mr. Tapendra Rawal, director of the Chisapani Adventure Resort and coordinator of the Beach Volleyball Organizing Committee, said that the Far-Western Inter-Municipality Beach Volleyball Tournament and Cultural Festival will be organized by the Chisapani Adventure Resort at Pitmari, Mohanyal Gaonpalika-7, Chisapani. “We are going to hold a beach volleyball competition and a cultural festival to promote tourism,” said Rawal. “This is a new sport in Nepal, it develops tourism.”

According to him, the competition and festival will be held from March 23, 2021, to March 28, 2021. “We have also organized a cultural program to entertain the players participating in the volleyball tournament,” Rawal said. “The general public will also be able to participate in the cultural program.” According to him, the team registration fee is Rs 10,000. “The players will be provided free food and lodging.”

What is a beach volleyball competition?

Beach volleyball is a volleyball game played in the sand. The game is played on a 60/30 feet court with 2 players on each team. The game, which originated in California, USA, is often played on the sands of rivers and seas.

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