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Biplab went public in Amarapuri, going to Kathmandu in police skirting

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With the agreement to come in the peace process the CPN General Secretary Netra Bikram Chand (Biplab), who went public in Amarapuri of East Nawalparasi, is going to Kathmandu today.

Although he was preparing to go to Kathmandu without informing anyone, he was skirted by the police from Narayangarh after receiving information.

The Biplab had come from western Nepal last night and stayed at Bel Bahadur Saru’s house in Amarapuri of East Nawalparasi. Biplob used to stay at Bel Bahadur’s house and hold talks with the leaders from the past.

He met the families of the martyrs of Amarapuri and left for Kathmandu on Friday morning. “They were preparing to go to Kathmandu secretly without informing anyone, but the police found out and skirted from Narayangarh,” said a source close to the Biplob group. However, Chitwan police did not want to divulge about the skirting.

Biplob, who has been underground for about three years, is going public in the National Assembly today at 2 PM. He is scheduled to address a function at the House along with Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. At the same ceremony, Biplab will sign the agreement with the government.

In talks with the government, the Biplob group has agreed to return to peaceful politics. The government has also lifted the ban on the group and is in the process of releasing the arrested leaders and cadres.