Friday, August 12, 2022

CAN receives 2.1 million assistance from US-based cricket club “Nepali All-Stars”

“Kathmandu, June 28. The United States-based Nepali cricket club “Nepali All-stars” has extended financial support of Rs 2.1 million (around 16,500 US dollars) to the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN).
The Nepali National Cricket team is flying to Canada and Scotland to participate on the “Canada Bilateral Series and Scotland Triangular Series of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup League 2.”
The CAN organized a farewell program to the team on Monday. During the event, Nepali All-Stars’s Director Sanjaya Sharma handed over Rs. 2,111,111 to CAN officials.
“I appreciate CAN for inviting me to the farewell program… would want to make a small contribution on the auspicious occasion,” Sharma said while handing over the amount to CAN Chairman Chatur Bahadur Chand and CAN treasurer Roshan Singh.
“The funds will be used for the two one-day international games that are taking place in Canada on July 4 and July 5,” CAN representative told reporters.
Nepal is organizing an ODI series for the first time in its history. Nepali cricket team received ODI international recognition in 2018. But, CAN was unable to put together any such series. Therefore, the assistance put forward by Nepali All-Stars has greatly contributed to the growth of Nepali cricket.
Nepali All-Stars have been supporting Nepali Cricketers for a long time. Recently, the Nepali team traveled to the United States for the ICC World Cup League 2 triangular ODI series. With the support of All-Stars, the Nepali team was able to reach two weeks earlier and play two practice matches.

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