Wednesday, February 8, 2023

DAO Kanchanpur has offered citizenship to a disabled person at his home

Mahendranagar: The District Administration Office, Kanchanpur, has granted citizenship to a person with disability at his doorsteps.

A team including Padam Raj Bhatt, Chief Administrative Officer of the District Administration Office, Kanchanpur, handed over the citizenship certificate to Basant Lekhak of Khairani in Bhimdatta Municipality-07.

Chief District Officer (CDO) Ram Prasad Pandey said that the 28-year-old Lekhak was given citizenship at home as he is physically disabled.

“As he is a person who can’t even walk, he has been given a certificate of citizenship by going to his house,” said Bhatta, the chief administrative officer.

CDO Pandey said that citizenship was given to the aged Lekhak at home so that he would not be deprived of services from the government.

“He is disabled since childhood. Basant’s mother Mayawati said, “I am very happy that the people of the administration have come to my house and given citizenship to my son.”

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