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Saturday, December 4, 2021

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Eye treatment center has been brought into operation by Sirjanshil cooperative in Jhalari

Kanchanpur: The Sirjanshil Saving and Credit Cooperative Limited in Jhalari of Shuklaphanta Municipality-10 has opened an eye treatment center.

The cooperative has brought the eye treatment center into operation in partnership with Charity Health Foundation Kailali. Madan Raj Bhatt, CEO of the cooperative, said that the eye treatment center has been set up with the objective of providing easy and convenient eye treatment services to the general public.

“The purpose of cooperatives is not only to make a profit,” he said, “but also to invest in the social sector.” Inspired by the same spirit, we have run the treatment center. ” The foundation has managed the equipment, medicine, and manpower required for the treatment center. The cooperative has agreed to pay rent, electricity, and drinking water tariffs for the operation of the treatment center.

Although the cooperative has been aiming to run the treatment center since April, the treatment center has been delayed due to the increased cases of Corona. Provision has been made to provide facilities including salary of technicians involved in eye treatment through the income generated from the treatment center.

The Chairman of the cooperative Shiv Raj Bhatt said that the cooperative would bear the entire cost if additional manpower had to be added as per increased pressure of the patients. He said that although an agreement has been reached to operate the eye treatment center since April, the operation has been delayed due to increasing cases of corona infection.

He said that the patients who reach the treatment center will be treated continuously from now on. The arrangement has also been made to give a discount on eye treatment to 13,500 members affiliated with the cooperative. An official of the cooperative has said that cards are being made for that. A registration fee of Rs 50 has been fixed for patients coming to the center for treatment.

It is said that the necessary medicines will be provided to the patients from the treatment center at a much cheaper price than in the outlying areas. As there is no eye treatment system in the municipality, the locals have been traveling to Mahendranagar and Dhangadhi for treatment. Locals have expressed happiness over the operation of an eye treatment center in Jhalari Bazar.

The cooperative, in collaboration with the Charity Health Foundation, also conducted an eye camp at Shuklaphanta-9 last month. More than 300 eye patients benefited from that camp. Free spectacles and medicine were distributed along with the treatment of the patients in that camp. The cooperative, in collaboration with the foundation, has also made a plan to run a large eye camp with surgery in a few days.

Dil Bahadur Ayer, Mayor of the municipality, has also expressed commitment to provide necessary assistance for the eye treatment center.

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