Saturday, December 3, 2022

Intense speaker Ramesh Prasai and Nanda Singh getting married

A prominent speaker and singer Ramesh Prasai is set to tie the knot. He is going to marry Nanda Singh of Kalikot. Ramesh and Nanda are getting married on Monday the 22nd. They are both blind.

Ramesh, who has earned followers due to his weak oratory ability, has recently been brought into the limelight with the song ‘Rinkebungko Rango’. He has been involved in Indreni lately.

Nanda is also a social worker. She is running a children’s home in Kathmandu. Nanda and Ramesh have been deeply in love for three years. Ramesh had proposed to Nanda three years ago. They became close three years ago when they met at the Indreni event. Ramesh had proposed marriage. It is understood that Nanda and Ramesh will get married at Dharan.

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