KMC uses executive authority to demolish illegally built structures

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Kathmandu, August 28. Mayor of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) Balendra Shah revealed they used their executive authority while demolishing illegally built structures in the city.

KMC said in a statement, “Individuals or institutions cannot build structures in their own land or the land they have been using, without authorized permission from the metropolis.”

Mayor Shah has facing public criticisms he faced due for demolition of illegal structures in Kathmandu. Shah demolished illegal structures in Alfa Beta Complex, Baneshwor, Bhotahity and other areas in the city.

Moreover, upon taking the construction completion certificate, no individual or institution can build any further structure or they will have to pull it down. The owners compulsorily have to sign such an agreement.

Further, KMC has an authority to inspect illegally constructed buildings and violating agreements. Regulating such duties is crucial so that no further illegal construction takes place. Mayor Shah took the step of demolishing illegal structures in the city after the party concerned defied the 35-day notice.

Additionally, deputy-mayor Sunita Dangol also backed the ongoing move of the metropolis to dismantle unauthorized structures in the city.

In similar situations, it is reported that parking of Bhat-Bhateni Supermarket in Pulchowk, Lalitpur is occupied by food stalls; while the road is used for parking. The supermarket also holds an underground parking, but two-wheelers are often seen parked on the roadside. It was reported to the owner of Bhat-Bhateni but no action has been taken. 


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