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Lack of health workers and supplies in Mahakali Hospital

Mahendranagar: The second wave of coronavirus, which is spreading like a global pandemic, is also increasing day by day in Kanchanpur and the Mahakali Hospital in the district is full of infected people.

The hospital lacks oxygen, health workers, and staff. However, the hospital is treating the infected, said Mahakali Hospital Management Committee Chairman Krishna Datt Joshi. According to him, 33 health workers, including doctors at the hospital, have corona infection.

The hospital does not have enough oxygen cylinders, said Chairman Joshi. He said, “Thirty-three health workers, including a hospital doctor, have been infected with the virus”.

Similarly, the hospital is also short of oxygen, said Chairman Joshi. According to him, the hospital has 97 oxygen cylinders, but the hospital consumes 70/80 cylinders daily.

“We have a total of 97 empty cylinders. And there is a small oxygen plant with a capacity of filling only six cylinders a day, ”he said. The hospital is running out of oxygen.

According to him, Mahakali Hospital is fighting with Corona with limited resources and health workers, and Oxygen. At present, 80 infected people are being treated at the hospital, said Govinda Rokaya, covid contact person of Mahakali Hospital.

‘Support has made things easier’

Considering the lack of oxygen and other health items in the hospital, the local level, chambers of commerce, various cooperatives, young entrepreneurs, and social workers have helped in the treatment of the infected, said Chairman Joshi. According to him, Bheemdatt Municipality is providing Rs 20 Lakhs, Bedkot Municipality Rs 10 Lakhs financial assistance, chamber of commerce, and young entrepreneurs are providing 50/50 cylinders of oxygen daily for a week.

“We are getting help from many places now,” he said. “But if we don’t build a big oxygen plant immediately, patients could die due to lack of oxygen.” Therefore, it is necessary to build an oxygen plant immediately. ‘

Corona confirmed in 129 more

In Kanchanpur, corona infection has been confirmed in 129 more people on Friday. According to the Health Office, Kanchanpur, the infection has been confirmed in 108 people of Bhimdatt Municipality, 3 people of Shuklaphanta Municipality, 6 people of Bedkot Municipality, and 8 people of Punarbas Municipality. Similarly, 1 person from Krishnapur Municipality and 3 people from Belauri Municipality have been confirmed positive for COVID-19. According to the Health Office, Kanchanpur, 2 people from Bheemdatt Municipality and 1 from Dodhara Chadni Municipality died on Friday.


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