Friday, August 12, 2022

Lockout in Purchaudi Municipality of Baitadi

Baitadi: The Purchaudi Municipality of Baitadi has been locked. Child development facilitators and school staff have locked up the municipality.

Similarly, they have locked all the ward offices in the city. They said that the federal government had announced in the budget speech to increase the salary of child development facilitators and school staff to Rs 15,000 but the municipality did not implement it.

Dropati Khatri, a child development facilitator working at Latinath Aadharbhut Saleligaun, said that the municipality and all 10 ward offices have been locked and the lockout will not be lifted until their demands are met. Earlier, school staff and child development facilitators had submitted a memorandum to the municipality demanding an increase in their salaries, but no hearing was held, Khatri said.

Meanwhile, the mayor and deputy mayor are in Kathmandu while the office chief is also out. Deputy mayor Janaki Ayer Bam said that they have come to know about the lockout in the municipality and ward office and have requested to open the lock for now.

There are 151 child development facilitators and school staff in Purchaudi municipality.

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