Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Niru Pal’s suggestion to the Prime Minister to abolish federalism

Kathmandu. Communist Party of Nepal leader Niru Devi Pal has suggested Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli to abolish federalism.

“Federalism has become costly and the state has become less expensive. Therefore, let’s strengthen the local level and Prime Minister Oli should have the courage to abolish federalism, ‘said Pal.

On Thursday, Pal said on social network Facebook that the prime minister should abolish federalism and reduce the number of seats in the House of Representatives to 105.

Neru Pal said that the economic burden on the state would be greatly reduced by abolishing federalism and making the directly elected executive prime minister, the number of seats in the parliament 105, and the central cabinet at most 15 members.

Pal, who is also a member of the Women and Social Committee of the disbanded House of Representatives, is currently in the CPN-Oli group. She also clarified that this is not the first time she said federalism is not needed.

“I said it three years ago, even if someone takes action against me, the federalism is not really needed in Nepal. It is only a place to feed the leader. People want rights. The people of Darchula should not have to come to Kathmandu, their rights should be brought down.”

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