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No justice even after 3 years of Nirmala case

Now there's no hope of justice left - Nirmala's Mother

Kanchanpur: It has been three years since the rape & murder case of Nirmala Pant, a 13-year-old girl from Kanchanpur who was murdered after being raped. The body of Nirmala, who went missing from a friend’s house on July 26, 2018(2055 Shrawan 10 BS), was found in a sugarcane field near her house the next day. Three years after the incident, the murderer has not been identified. Many investigation teams have been formed since the incident, and many leaders, social activists, and women’s rights activists have assured the family of justice for Nirmala.

But so far Nirmala and Nirmala’s family have not been able to get justice. Demonstrations were held across the country for Nirmala’s justice, many were injured during the agitation and one has even died. In the meantime, five Superintendents of Police (SPs) and seven Chief District Officers have been replaced in the district.

When the murderer was not found for three years, Nirmala’s family lost hope of getting justice. “It has been three years since Nirmala’s murder, but my daughter’s murderer has not been identified yet,” said Durga Devi Pant, Nirmala’s mother. But now, even after three years, the hope of getting justice is dead as the murderer has not been found. ‘She added,’ Police find the murderer in 3 or 4 months, but nothing has been found even three years after my daughter was killed. So now there is no hope that the murderer will be found. There are many incidents that the police have found murderer even after 12 years, Nirmala’s murderer will be found one day, but hope is dead.’

Nirmala's Mother
Nirmala’s Mother – Durga Devi Pant

According to her, some are commenting that Nirmala’s murderer is a big man, while others are saying that he is Dilip Bista. We don’t have enmity with anyone even if he is a big man or Dilip, he should be the real murderer. Nirmala’s Mother Durga said that she has a demand with the Nepal government and police to make public only the real murderer with evidence and give justice to her daughter.

‘Some say Dilip is the murderer. I feel the same way when I watch Dilip’s video. ‘She said,’ I will apologize to Dilip if the police reveal the murderer with stronger evidence than Dilip. ‘Dilip Bista was allegedly made public by the police but was later released after his DNA was not matched. “I am not hopeful that the murderer will be found,” said Durga, Nirmala’s mother. “Police are still investigating.” So now what I want to say to the police and the government of Nepal is to take action only against the real murderer of my daughter with the evidence, so that an innocent person is not punished, the investigation should be fair and I have nothing to do with the murderer. We just need justice.”

What is the police doing?

A spokesperson of the District Police Office, Kanchanpur, and Deputy Superintendent of Police Siddharaj Neupane said that a special team of 15-16 policemen was active in the case. “A joint team of the District Police Office, Kanchanpur, the State Police, and the National Bureau of Investigation is working day and night to investigate the murder of Nirmala,” he said.

Where the research has reached, how much progress has been made cannot be said right now. But the investigation is ongoing. ” The progress made in crime investigation is not like physical construction 50%, 80%, 100% work has been completed, ‘said DSP Neupane. But arresting the culprits and making them public shows 100% progress in crime investigation. “Police are investigating Nirmala’s case very seriously.” DSP Neupane said, “Nirmala’s murderer will not be able to escape and will be found soon.”

Still afraid to walk that path

– Nirmala’s sister

The sugarcane field where Nirmala Pant’s body was found is located near the main road from Nirmala’s house to Mahendranagar Bazaar. At present, sugarcane has been removed and paddy (rice) has been planted in the field. After finding the body of Nirmala, who was murdered after being raped, on the main road to Ultakham, the girls are still afraid to walk alone. “That’s the way I go to school,” said Nirmala’s sister. “Since my sister was killed, I’m still afraid to go that way alone.”

Even the prime minister has changed. Will the murderer be found now?

Sher Bahadur Deuba from the Farwest has become the prime minister. Will Nirmala’s murderer be found now? “The prime minister is from our place,” said Durga, Nirmala’s mother. “Can he find out?” She added, “Once he finds out, I would respect him more and pray for him for the rest of my life, but will he find it? Some hope has grown in my heart. ‘

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