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Pusp is busy shooting one film after another

Until a few years ago, the actor Pusp Khadka was worried about how to move forward in the film industry. Though he acted in the film, he was not noticed. Although Pusp, who emerged from the music video, acted as the hero in ‘Ajhai Pani’, he was not noticed much.

After this, he acted as the main hero in the movie ‘Darpan Chhaya 2’. After the film failed miserably, his career took a turn for the worse.

But, now there is no need to look back at those days. After lockdown, he has become the busiest hero of Nepali cinema. Filming one film after another has increased his busyness.

Actor Pusp Khadka filmed the movie ‘Krishna Leela’ for 40 days. After filming the film in various places in the East, he danced to a song from the movie ‘Man Sang Man’ on the day he landed in Kathmandu. Unable to rest after working on the song of this movie, Pusp is busy shooting for the movie ‘Timro Mero Saath’.

After the filming of this movie, Mukunda Bhatt’s movie is also in actor Khadka’s pipeline. Director Ramesh Budhathoki has also offered him for the movie ‘Sudur’.
Seen in this way, there is no shortage of movies in Pusp’s hands, his busyness has also increased a lot.

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