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Two health workers died after corona vaccination in India

Two health workers have died after being vaccinated against corona virus (Covid-19) in India. According to Indian media reports, two health workers who were vaccinated for corona on Saturday died on Sunday and Monday. However, the cause of death of both the health workers was said to be heart attack.

According to Indian media, a 46-year-old health worker from Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh, India, died on Sunday evening. The chief medical officer of Moradabad said his death was not related to the corona vaccine.

Another 43-year-old health worker from Karnataka, who was vaccinated on Saturday, died on Monday. His death was also attributed to a heart attack, according to Indian media. Although he died two days after being vaccinated, experts say he has nothing related to the corona vaccine.

Many people who have been vaccinated under the corona vaccination program in India since Saturday have been negatively affected. So far, 381,000 health workers in India have been vaccinated against corona. Of them, 580 people have been affected by the vaccine and seven have to be admitted to the hospital.

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